Friday, April 29, 2005

Latest News

It has been a while since I wrote on here. So here is some news.


In the space of four days, I had three interviews, which went with varying levels of success. One interview happened just after I was fitted with new hearing aids and boy I was struggling to hear. Well I got feedback today, they didn’t feel I was confident, and that wasn’t quite a fit, well that to me is odd, especially given that in the first interview I had with them, they said the opposite, that I was charming, confident, had a great personality, exactly what they were looking for. Now either it was down to me not hearing very well, which could be the case, it could be the fact that my gold ear moulds stood out, and they couldn’t handle the fact I am profoundly deaf, who knows, just odd how it all the sudden changed. I also had an interview with an investment bank, well that didn’t go well, I had to sit a technical which is fine, but I am not a mathematician and there was a whole section on maths and formulas, typical really. So I lost out a lot there, and then they gave me a practical, but limited time, along with designing and developing something with which I didn’t have a lot of experience meant no chance to shine. Given I haven’t heard back, I can safely say, oh well. I did have another one though, and that went better. There were six people up for it, and apparently now I am the only one left that they want, and I am the favourite too, not sure how that works. I was told there were two of us, but now it seems there is one, just me. I have to have another interview next week, and if all goes well, I could be working. I hope so, it would be a nice way to finish a week.


Well it seems that I have done well enough to be asked back to undergo the training, not sure of the date yet, that will be sent later. But I was surprised to have it happen, especially as I was so struggling to hear them, but I must have done something right. As a friend of mine commented, I am a non-judgemental person and that is exactly what they seek from people, so it seems I am good for them. For me this will be good for me, to help others, and hopefully those who ring or get in touch, will feel that having communicated with me, they feel better for it, and that they will be happy that it was me they spoke to. To complete this though I had to call the Criminal Records Bureau and get a form from them and they will then do a check on me, I feel so lucky I have never gotten the wrong side of the law now, better make sure I keep it that way as well…..

Weight Gain

I am not trying to do an Eric Cartman and gain weight, but somehow I have in the space of just 4 weeks put on over half a stone of weight, in other words, about 4/5 kg, or in other money about 8/9 lbs of weight. Obviously seeing the scales tip towards 13st, was a bloody shock. I had to ask the gym, because that worries me, well they found it funny of course. What I didn’t know was this, adding muscle, apparently you only add about 1lb of muscle a month, a 1lb, so that means I have added 8 lbs of fat, yet my body fat % is actually lower than the last reading by 0.2%, so what does it mean. Well other than the fact I feel like my pants aren’t fitting quite as well, I have no idea. I can’t do the swimming at the moment, which is annoying, and I also seem to be changing my body shape as well, I am filling it out, so they reckon at the gym, I say, but round my gut only, though they reckon I look broader across the shoulders, mmm, I dispute this, maybe I should ask Z to check. Admittedly I haven’t been on my diet for the past two weeks, maybe the workouts took out more than I thought. I am just praying that before I have my operation in May, that I have a proper gym MOT and they say that it has gone down again. Being that heavy isn’t possible for me, but it is happening, and if I weigh 13 stone, it will be a horror story, I have never been that heavy in my life.

Lastly, I will be glad when I hear properly again, I finally got myself another appointment with the Audiologist and given that I lost a role because of not hearing I am going to be impressing on them to get it right. Thankfully the operation for my fractured wrist is soon, and I can hopefully get full movement back, though unlikely, I just hope they can fix the blackouts as well. Be nice to have it all tied up sooner, rather than later.

I am off to enjoy our Bank Holiday, one of the few we get, not enough of them, but I will be working hard on my OU, hopefully spending time with Z, working for the interview next week and maybe I will get some relaxation in there somewhere, lol..

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