Saturday, April 02, 2005


Yesterday after an interview I had in the late morning, I went to this restaurant in London -

I booked it as a nice lunch for me and Z, a special deal through TopTable. On the site it said smart casual, well I was fine, I had a suit on, Z dressed up for the occasion, and she looked fantastic, very fantastic. We actually had a picture taken in the little square afterwards, which I don't have, but I hope to, we actually look quite nice, especially me for once...
Prior to booking I did some reading up on the place, it said it was a classy venue, yet was smart casual, I thought nice, I am sure to like it and I am sure Z will as well.

Well poor Z, she was a little overwhelmed by it, she wasn’t expecting the place to be like it was, even I was a little surprised by the opulence of the place. It is a really beautiful place. The food was stunning, we only had a main and dessert, but it was great, a really lovely piece of chicken with sun dried tomatoes and potatoes for me, and a spaghetti with prawns and vegetables for Z.
The service was really nice, they were just right, not in your face, not ignoring you either when you wanted service.

No.5 Cavendish Square as a restaurant is a higher class of restaurant and thus you would pay for it, well I was lucky, going to one of their special deals they had on, and despite that we weren’t treated any differently to the other customers they had in there.

I really enjoyed it and so did Z once she overcame the shock of where we had dined, she kept the memento of the lunch, the card the bill came in, obviously I took the bill, not showing that, never polite, lol… I think Z is still a little stunned really, I have known her for about 3 to 4 weeks and we went somewhere she felt would be a place for a 6 month or year anniversary. For me it was just a nice place to go, which had a good deal, and I thought would be nice. Maybe after this I have now set the bar a little high, so if we go to 6 months or a year, I will have to top it, yikes….

But if you ever have the chance to go to No.5, do so, it is a lovely restaurant and you can read the reviews on the links I have enclosed.

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