Monday, April 04, 2005

Worst Drivers in the UK

Saw a report this morning in the Metro, the free newspaper that you can get on the Tube. Well it is a really sad fact, but the drivers in London seem to be the worst in the country, they have the most accidents. What was even more scary is that North West London was the worst. Roughly 10% of drivers in Harrow have had an accident in the past year that was their fault, closely followed by those in Uxbridge and North West London

Harrow Drivers the Worst

The best and worst places for motorists in 2004 revealed

Well for all those who live in these areas, this would be a really good reason why your premiums have probably gone up a lot more than you expected. This study was carried out by the insurer Admiral, and will no doubt be used by the other insurance companies. The example they give of people being without insurance and then if they hit someone not stopping is becoming all too common in London and the sooner the menace that is those people are removed from the roads, the safer we be. I don't think enough is being done to stop those people driving, taking away their car, their driving license, and actually fining them a great deal of money would be a start, but the best would be to make them realise that driving without insurance and a tax disc is illegal, and that they face more than just a fine would be a good start. As I say they are a menace, and I know of more than a number of situations where these morons have killed people in Harrow, and taken the life of someone who was valuable to the community and well respected by all around, due to their high arsed attitude.


Klite said...

they can't be as bad as KL drivers.
they have only two speeds - stop and very fast
indicators are a waste of electricity ecept when there is heavy rain then its hazard lights on - as if everyone has not noticed !

Speakers Corner said...

They can be, you wait until you are ever next in the area, my god, they are crazy. I have seen crazy drivers before when I was in Malta, and they are as bad as them now, it is nuts, no indicators, no attention to the road, and it doesn't help that traffic management and road marking are poor too

Anonymous said...

the drivers are worst in victoria mad