Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bling Bling

Well a strange title maybe, but once you read this, you will totally understand.

A few weeks back, well two months now, I wrote I was to get gold ear moulds, well today I got them. I really did think the audiologist was joking, but nope. I have gold plated ear moulds, and four of them. Now, I am not an oddity, I don’t have four ears, I have two like the rest of you, but I have two for each ear, different types to try and find the right ones for me. At the moment I am currently trying to use the basic design models, if I find them not the best use, then I use the more advanced design. It all depends how my ears react to them.

I have to say right now, it is odd wearing gold plated ear moulds for the new hearing aids I have, and I have two new aids, one for each ear, another new idea for me, wearing two aids.

The gold plated moulds are a little odd, I have been given them, because my ears seem to be causing problems, and as I understand it, having gold plated means that they shouldn’t overheat so much, due to gold not causing so much sweat in my ear, which has been suffering a lot of ear infections and with my ears susceptible to infections at the moment, it is felt a change of moulds will help. Fingers crossed I need to be able to hear.

I should point out that these moulds as I have been told cost in excess of £100, I was given different values, ranging from £120 to £180, which is true, who knows, but if it stops me having ear infections, it is more than worth it. So as I say in the title, bling bling. I look odd with this gold in my ear, and I am sure it is going to be noticed every time I walk down the street. I am just hoping they won’t get noticed in the interviews I have upcoming, that is my main fear, given how some people react to those wearing hearing aids, as if the person wearing the aids are incompetent, stupid and of no use.

What has also happened today as I point out above, I have now been fitted with two aids, so this is a new experience for me. I have tried in the past to have two aids, but the two previous attempts left my head spinning like the girl in the Exorcist. Now as these are digital I supposedly stand a better chance of it working, not that sure, but I have to try as it seems my hearing has gotten worse and if I don’t, I could be in more trouble than it is possible to describe.

So after about 10/11 hours of trying this experiment, I have to say, my head aches a lot, I am trying to figure out where sounds are coming from, trying to comprehend sounds I haven’t heard before, it all seems very alien to me. My mind is working overtime trying to process the sounds and I have and this sounds odd, felt the sounds switching in my head, and apparently that is normal, for someone going from one to two. Totally freaked me out, still getting double sounds at the moment, hopefully that will subside as time goes on. This is a long running experiment and one that will hopefully mean I won’t have to strain so much to hear people and things. The phone is a difficult one at the moment, there is a little bit of feedback on it, but I am hoping it is just adjustment time more than anything.

My main worry for me, is what happens if one breaks down and I am back to one, getting spares on the NHS is notoriously problematic and always an issue, and not something where I can say to a boss, “oh, by the way can I be off today and every day until I get a replacement”, not a good image. So I am hoping that my past doesn’t come back to haunt, where I seem to get a bad run on the quality of the aids. In the past year, I have to replace my aids I think something like 10/15 times, some not even lasting more than a couple of days, not exactly a joy I can tell you, sitting for hours, pushing them for replacements, and then being told we are out of stock, oh great, what am I supposed to do in the meantime. Clever that isn’t.

It will be interesting to see what people who know me say when they see the gold moulds and I have to wonder how Z will react when she gets back from her trip to see me wearing gold moulds. She didn’t seem convinced that I was getting gold moulds, just like I wasn’t, but this could be an interested meeting.

I swear that if anyone tries to grab them, they will be going for a hard fall. These things are precious and there is no way I am going to allow myself to be mugged for them, not they can use them, but you know how some people are. Boy they would get a fistful of me, defending my precious moulds, lol…..

So it a strange look and I just hope no-one gets blinded by the reflection of the sun on them…..

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