Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election Day

Well it has finally arrived, election day. And I am jumping up and down with joy, yeah right.....

It has been one dull election campaign, it has been negative, a waste of time, and without doubt an election campaign that didn't include the voters.

I saw a headline last night from the Evening Standard - "Blair boom going bust". If this is the case, something I have been predicting for a while, then it looks like Labour will have to sort out its own mess.

As for my voting intentions, well it isn't easy, you have the Conservatives in the blue corner, you have the Conservatives in the red corner, and no that isn't a mistype, that is reality, both right wing sets of policies, both advocating privatisation, both not looking after the average person. The only other alternative is the Lib Dems, and I am not entirely sure about them either.

I guess it will be a case of voting against this government and hoping that its majority is reduced enough to make it accountable this time. As much as I don't like it, this government isn't going to lose this election, not possible, too many things stacked in its favour, all I can hope for is a stronger Lib Dems and Conservative parties to make the government think twice about its more stupid policies like ID cards

Oh well, I will put my vote in later when I go out, and can only hope it counts a little.

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