Friday, April 29, 2005

Super Size Me - Movie Review

Yes, I know this movie came out a while ago. But last night it was shown on Channel 4, and I knew it would be a good movie, and it was. Watching it though, you really did feel for the guy, all the weight he put on, that fact the food made him throw up. Seeing all the side bits on it, about healthy eating, exercise, etc and how America isn't doing this stuff as it should do. It kind of was in the vein that Jamie Oliver had with the food for schools in this country.

Both showed just how bad, the junk food, and the effects of it, and the problems caused by it. Yes you shouldn't be eating it for every meal, and it should only be on a special occasion, but my the amount of weight he put on in the movie in just 30 days, was astounding. It was horrible, especially with the amount of time it took him to recover back to what he was.

If you haven't seen this movie, you must see it, it is a must see movie, and a movie that hopefully has shaken the US up a bit to realise that they need to do something, but it ultimately comes down to personal responsibility and good habits where possible

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patrick said...

finally got around to seeing Super Size Me; i was impressed by Morgan Spurlock's insight as his movie gets into not only the physical but also the social effects of consuming fast food