Thursday, April 21, 2005

Election 2005 - Tax Part 2

Well, another hot issue, council tax and all the surrounding issues with that.

Parties battle over council tax

Lib Dems promise 'fair' local tax

Labour says the revaluation will go ahead, the Tories have said they will cancel the revaluation and Lib Dems want a local council tax.

Well, as said on this blog some weeks back when it became clear that the revaluation was going and is going to hit us hard in London and the South East, I said then it would be around £300 plus on bills, based on what happened in Wales. And all of the squirming by Labour is showing that they feel uncomfortable with it. Mark my words, you read it here as well as many other places, if Labour win, we can be sure of at least £300 increases in council tax and that for the average Londoner will push bills to nearly £1500 a year.

The Tories saying that they will not do the revaluation is very much an opportunistic attitude, saying what they can to try and woo people. What they are failing to do is to fix the system and given that they put the council tax in the first place, they are certainly lacking any ideas as to what to do, to make the whole thing fairer.

As for the Lib Dems, well they are proposing a local council tax. There has been complaints that it will cost the average household about £300 more a year, well if you live in London and are having a revaluation, as we all are, you will then see that you are going to be no worse off than you will be under the Labour plan.

A lot of people have had their say on the local council tax, and I have to say, I am astounded by the selfishness of a lot of people. You would think that every other person apart from them is a scrounger and a parasite, well let me tell you, what on earth happened to the greater good, and paying for the services that are needed. People have in the past 20 years become extremely narrow minded, way too self self self.

Council tax: Others views

For me personally I do believe the local council tax is the best plan, and I would be paying more under that plan, than the current system, but I know that with the change, I stand a chance to have better services, better local amenities and thus hopefully create a virtuous circle.

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