Monday, April 11, 2005

More Election 2005

Been doing more reading for this election and something that came to mind, we have all the parties fighting it out for an electorate who are generally very unhappy with the parties and with what is going on and yet there is little or no way for them to voice their displeasure at what is going on.

It made me think of past situations where this has come up and is increasingly occuring simply because of the ineptness and the high and mighty attitude of the politician, who is these days ever more removed than should be possible, given that we are paying them, and boy do we overpay them, maybe if they were on the average wage in this country, instead of 2/3 times it, maybe they would get what the grip is for most people. And yes MPs earn a damn lot of money, if I recall correctly, in excess of £50K, yep that is slightly more than the average wage, and a lot more the minimum wage which they are so fond of pushing people into.

Anyway back to the point I was intending to make, if there was an option for none of the above, we could encourage people to vote, and really find out just what people think. I can easily imagine though that over 50% would say none of the above, ie find us others who we believe in and aren't slimy overpaid jackasses, read, find someone who we don't think is a class one loser.
I think it is long overdue for us to have that option, the only snag with this idea is that we could end up with none of the above winning the election, and then we might be in trouble.

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