Monday, April 18, 2005


As nicknames go, I have had various ones over my lifetime, ranging from hedgehog, because I used to have spiky hair, and various other ones, some more tasteful and original than others.

Seems that over the weekend I have been given a new one, which I have to say I am not against being given.

Z, has commented that at times I seem to sound like a cat at various times, a cat that is in the midst of being stroked on its tummy….. I am sure you all know what cats are like when they are like that. And given that I like cats, and I often wonder if I was lucky enough to have a life of a cat before, being waited on, looked after, it seems very apt.

Well now, I am being called puss in boots, from the character in the Shrek 2 movie, and surprisingly enough I can just about do the voice as well, so now for Z, I am her puss in boots. I even do a good mimic of coughing up a hairball action, though no hairball, that would be worrying.

Now all I have to do is find the boots and a sword with a hat to go with it, and perfect the doe eyed look and I have it down to a T. And no I am not going to find a way to grow fur!!!!


Ian said...

Heh - you have to get the antonio banderas accent down!

"I'm am Puss... in Boots!"

Linden said...

I know you aren't talking about nicknames for London in this post, but I, an American girl who is currently living in Germany, was just there this weekend, and I was wondering if you, a true Londoner, know of any nicknames your great city goes by. New York is the Big Apple, Berlin is Dickes B, but all I've ever heard London called is, well, London. Thanks in advance for your help! :)