Thursday, April 21, 2005

Election 2005 - Polling Card

Well I got my polling card today, yippee. My chance to say what I feel, though I do feel that the candidates in my local ward aren’t exactly inspiring me to vote.

I am not sure who to vote for yet, I am undecided, very much so. I am sure of one thing, that unless a mega miracle occurs I won’t be voting for the current bunch of wasters sitting there grinning away thinking, aren’t we a great bunch of people…. Nope, you aren’t.

So, I need some help, which bunch of idiots deserves my precious vote, I will be voting of that you can be assured. In my local ward, there are only three candidates though, Labour, which won’t happen in a month of Sundays, Conservatives, which I feel are being opportunistic at every chance, and Lib Dems, who I really wonder if I vote for, will it get rid of Tony McNulty. Whom I have to say, every time I see him, makes me cringe and my blood boil, because he is so out of touch with what is going on.

So I have an issue, who to vote for, now if there was a box saying none of the above, I would be selecting that and be done with it, but there isn’t and spoiling the ballot paper seems a waste too. Anyone want to help, more than happy to listen to views being given, sway me with an argument…….


Amit said...

Nice blog to come across in the local area, I live in Pinner! Wondering about Gareth Thomas getting my vote or not.

Speakers Corner said...


If I was you I wouldn't be voting for Gareth Thomas. From my own experience the man doesn't listen to the people he represents, and letters, contacts with him, he is either dismissive or never gets back to you. Not exactly what you would call an active MP, and from what I saw previously, he hasn't exactly been voting well in favour of London and Harrow, so not exactly looking after those he represents.

Just my view.....