Saturday, April 02, 2005

The latest news

It has been a little while since I last added an entry and that has been for a lot of reasons, mostly good ones as well.

Over the past week I have had a couple of interviews for companies, one arranged by an agency, and the other got in touch with me direct. Plus I found out I have more time to undertake a test I was doing, which is a godsend for me, because I was running out of time and had to give them something. Plus I have more in the pipeline as well, which is really great for me, all of the sudden going from nothing to a riches of them, which pleases me a great deal, just now spending every opportunity I can to revise, and rightly so, so I can be on the ball as much as I can. Fingers crossed as they say.

I also have been very busy with my second degree, very hard work, but I am so happy I am doing it, I think doing Psychology will help me in all manner of ways.

Also I have started a new diet, the one I wrote about previously on these pages. I have to say, it is a fantastic diet. I am actually feeling fitter, I certainly get a real rush of endorphins, and the high feeling is really great to have. And on top of it, I get to feel good about someone else, and at the same time, feel good about the fact I am making them happy to. A real win win diet I have to say.

Been spending more time with Z, Z is in a position over the past 7-10 days where she has been off, and thus I have had more chances to spend time with her, and Z has certainly made me feel good, I find her to be funny, intelligent, open minded, very understanding, caring, and a joy to be around. I find that when I am with her, time just seems to fly, and without knowing it, we have been together for hours and it seems like no time at all has passed. I know I had my fears when I met Z that my history and problems I have would mean she would disappear. She has been more than understanding about my deafness, and yesterday other things came out into the open, not by design, but when an agency calls for a role and you have to try and explain to them that you aren’t available, without explaining that it is because you have to go to hospital for a regular checkup, it can lead to issues. Agencies wouldn’t understand me needing these checkups. But it left me in a situation where I needed to explain to Z the score. So the reasons came out, the fact I previously had a tumour back in 1999 which needed a very serious and long operation, after the operation I then suffered PTSD. As well as the surrounding issues that I am susceptible to suffering another tumour in the future especially if I am not regularly checked, and if I did get another one, I would be struggling a great deal. Z is very accepting of what I am, what I have been through, takes me as me, and is genuinely very caring. I have no idea where this situation will go, what will happen, I am just trying to take what comes.


Ian said...

Well I don't know what to say, other than I hope you continue to eat healthily I guess ;-)

Oh, and good luck with the interviews of course!
I'm flying in and out of london fri/sat but I'm over again in a few weeks (early may). Lets try to catch up - I'll be in newbury but should have transport..

Speakers Corner said...

My diet is being helped a lot by Z, I hope Z continues to help it. Always good to have a workout partner ;-))

I actually now have a couple of more interviews for the coming week, after that who knows, but the words headless chicken comes to mind, lol....

When you are next over, let me know. It would great to catch up with you, who knows if Z is free, you can meet her too, if you wish. I should probably send you a picture so you can see what Z is like as well. Let me know.

Ian said...

Indeed, chuck one to the usual address.

I'm still working out my trip in may (trying to find time to squeeze a trip to dublin with M in there). will let you know as soon as I have final dates