Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It is that time of year

When I have my exam.

My OU exam for DD303 and it is on the 18th. I am nervous, it is the last exam I will sit for the degree.

Of course I want to get the best grade I can, I already know that I will achieve no higher than 2.2 even if I get a 1st in DD303, sadly too many problems have plagued me on the course, namely being a sleep problem which is getting worse and worse to the point where memory is nearly non-existant.

I have been revising hard like any person does and tonight is the last of the revision, want to relax the brain the night before the exam. Even doing mindmaps hasn't helped a great deal.

I guess it is all or nothing now, and I will either get my 2.2 or a 3rd class hons. Whichever I get, it will have been hard work, and certainly proved to myself I can still study some 10+ years since I left university the first time.

I know for sure now that I will go on and do a masters in my first degree subject, just need to find the money. Masters don't come cheap - £5/6K for a 2 year part-time course, shame there isn't much assistance in funding for those who are disabled, you would think there would be more help.

Anyway, 18th here I come, morning exam, which suits me better and then I can relax and chill and breathe out from all the work done.

4 years of hard work culminating in this.

For all those who are to sit the exam, good luck, and hope you all do as well as you want/need to do.