Tuesday, April 12, 2005

An amazing shock

Well yesterday, I attended an interview for a new role, with a company that are of interest for me, looks a good role. Well I am currently in the midst of an ear infection, haven't slept well, I am so blocked up in my ears, barely hearing a thing, I look like I have Panda eyes, and sound very hoarse as well. So not exactly a picture of perfect health and looking like I could kill over at any moment, that is how bad I look and how bad I feel.

Well I must have done something right, because I have been asked to attend a second interview, now I did think I did quite well, but then I was drugged up to the eyeballs to keep me together for the interview, so I thought I might be a little biased, well I guess not, I guess I actually had a sublime moment and came across a lot better than one realised.

I am wondering how it happened, I am so pleased, I need to email them back to arrange the date, but so pleased. I might put this down to the autogenic training I have just started. I have been struggling with it, and not being able to get it right, but maybe it worked yesterday without me knowing. Autogenic training is meant to allow the person to relax, a set of tools, to help them do so. Well I am only in week one, but I have been finding it hard to passively find parts of my body and make them heavy as is the first tool, and whilst I did it on the Tube on the way to the interview yesterday I struggled as I always do to get it right, well maybe it worked more than I realised. What I will say, is that since I started the Autogenic training last Wednesday, I have been having more vivid dreams than I can recall for a long time, but it those dreams where you wake up and go wow, what a dream, and then the next moment you are like, what was I dreaming about. You know you had a vivid dream, but you are damned if you can actually recall it.

I will do an entry on the Autogenic training another time, when I have done more of it myself, but there seems to be logic in it, and if it can get me a good nights sleep, then it will be great, I haven't had one of them in what seems like eons.

So despite feeling like crap, sore, aching all over, I have had a success which makes me feel as good as one can feel when they feel like a 100 years old.......


Anonymous said...

well done

Ian said...

Hey congrats! fingers crossed for the 2nd interview!

I wake up sometimes feeling heavy in certain.. wait, never mind.. forget I said anything.

did I tell you a friend (sara) hypnotized me a few months back? Very weird. unrelated, but weird.

Speakers Corner said...
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Ian said...

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