Monday, April 11, 2005

Election 2005

I thought with the upcoming election on May 5th, I would add my two pence worth and over the next few weeks give my views on the election process, what is being said and how things could be better, etc.

I should point out at this juncture I am not aligned to any party, I was in the past called a Conservative with a small c, but that was my youth and I hope you can forgive me for that.
I am of the left leaning stance these days, and by that I mean a society that includes all its people, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, etc. I strive for a society where all get given equal chances regardless of where in society’s strata they are born, whether at the top or the bottom.

In the run up to the election I will tackle issues like Education, economy, transport, immigration, tax, health, etc.

Before I go any further I should say, I was happy to see the Tories kicked out after 18 years in which they destroyed the fabric of this country and showed amazing ineptness. Well after 8 years of New Labour, and let’s be honest they should just drop the word Labour and call themselves Conservatives that is what they are, I would be happy to see them kicked out for their ineptness and destroying even more of what this country is. In my eyes there is no alternative available, so as for how I will vote, I am unsure at the moment, though I think a tactical vote might be in order, to give this inept government a swift kick up the backside.

I read over the weekend about how Labour claimed that things are so much better under them after 8 years. If that is the case, please explain a worsening NHS, a crumbling transport system, also explain how the gap between the rich and the poor has widened a lot more under 8 years of your government than under 18 years of the previous. On top of that, you have destroyed the education system, now if you want to progress you have to pay for your degree, yet each labour MP who is in the commons with a degree voted for the new generation to pay for theirs despite the fact the MPs got theirs for free, mmmm, talk about lining your own pockets. I have yet to see anything in 8 years of Labour that I can say, I am glad we did that, I think things have gotten better, not a chance. Well I lie, maybe closer relations with Europe is the only good thing to come out of it, but that was well overdue, and we are from being integrated as we should be, we are still on the outside, just now we closer to the EU than before, but still outside, maybe in the next four years of Labour, we might actually get on the inside. On top of that the little thing they call PFI, which is back door privatisation, sneaky little thing that is, 30 year contracts which means come 2035 for example, the then government will have to deal with the mess this lot left behind, very nice.

So you can see I find the present incumbents guilty of destroying the country, lets see if after the coming four weeks, I will see it any different

To give an idea of how inept I consider this government, it took Jamie Oliver to make them change how much money they give for school dinners, so instead of 37p, it will rise to 50p, oh big wow, and that isn't immediate either. As well as that they create a quango with £280m of our money to distribute it, why. On top of this, they had 8 years of giving so little money and a celebrity chef made them see they were wrong, when the country gets up in arms. On the final note of this, consider this a prisoner gets more money for their meals than a child does in theirs, and it is well known that if a child is given healthy food they will be less distruptive in lessons, so they learn more, anyone else see a virtuous circle here??

School Dinners, see others opinions

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