Monday, April 18, 2005

Phone Interview

Today I had a phone interview for a company. This was designed to last 20 to 30 minutes. Didn't quite work out that way.

Despite the fact my ears are still problematic, I ventured on ahead and did the best I could. The interview only lasted only about 15 minutes, which for me was a little surprising. I was surprised how little seemed to be asked. I guess part of that was down to the question how much experience do I have with STL, and my honest answer being well not much, I wouldn't say I have used it more than a little bit, some years back. No point in lying, it all comes out in the end, and I think the interviewer had a bunch of STL questions to ask me, and I wiped out a major part of the interview, oops. But then nowhere on my CV does it say I have a lot of experience with STL, so if the CV has been read properly, it would be known.

It will be interesting to know exactly what happens.

I guess not also knowing what placement new is, has something to it as well. I have never heard that phrase before. Through checking in a handy Stroustrup book, it is where you specify the address for an object. Fair enough something new learnt, but in my mind, isn't it a risk to do that, specify the address, cause what if two people specify the same address, a bit like what if two people use the same name for a namespace, it defeats the purpose. Oh well maybe I am too logical or think too much...

Fingers crossed for another interview elsewhere.


Just got an email with regards to the phone interview above. It was as I thought, they have declined to take it any further. And the agency did ask for reasons, and in typical fashion, no real answer came out, so when pushed by the agency if it was to do with my STL experience, they said it was a factor, ie it was the reason. Well I have always been upfront about the level of my experience in STL, so really they obviously want more than I have, so the interview shouldn't have even taken place, so either they didn't know what they wanted, or my CV is that impressive that they thought they would suss it out. I think the later personally.

I don't feel I should remove something I have done, even if it was minor, just because I don't have major experience in it, it that was the case, I would have to remove ATL and UML, both of which my experience is fleeting, but it was still something I did, and as far as I see it, it counts as experience and skills, just something I need more of, really.

Oh well, roll on the next one.


Anonymous said...

Sorry mate - that sucks.

Still waiting on results of mine, although if nothing else I suspect my not relocating will sink things.

decided not to blog about it, given people from work read my blog.
I'll tell you about it next time we catch up

Speakers Corner said...

Wise move not to blog it on your site.

I guess with this role, it was going to happen. I am not someone who hunts for obscure parts of C++ just to use them, and they seem to be so, and not having a lot of experience with STL, sealed it.

I am sure there will be others, if not, then I have to look outside of IT, which would be a shame, but better than nothing.

I look forward to chatting about it and plenty of other things when we next meet.