Monday, April 18, 2005

From the Ministry of the bleeding obvious

From the Ministry of the bleeding obvious

Happy moments 'protect the heart'

It would seem that having happy moments protects the heart, well blow me down with a feather really, stunned look, and scratching of head, whilst I try and get my head around this one.

Let me strap myself in, and please explain it to me in very simple terms, so I don’t miss any of it, lol…

Whilst I applaud research like this, much needed even if it is to point out to those who don’t live outside the ministry of the bleeding obvious. How about finding a way to make it so that we can experience more happy moments, and not suffer the stress of everyday living, and thus give us that chance to have the happy moments.

I am really sure, there must be people who when doing the research already know the answer to the question they proposed, but just want to mess with people just to see if there is that .01% of it being wrong.

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