Monday, June 06, 2005

First Day

Well, it has happened. Today was my first day in a new position. Boy was it tiring!
I knew that it might shock my system and despite the fact it was more an induction day than anything else and also getting me up and running, I was feeling it by the end of the day and right now I am close to dropping dead despite having a million things to do, thankfully though I am packed and ready for tomorrow's day.

They really do seem a good bunch of people, very helpful so far, and certainly making me feel like that I will enjoy working there, which will be good, as there is nothing worse than going to a place you don't want to go to, and I don't have that.

Too tired to write much else, other than I am glad to be in this place, I think I have got a good bunch of people to work with

Friday, June 03, 2005

Operation - Update

Well today I had the original semi cast they had put on, one that was so damn loose it was causing more pain than should have been possible.

I also found out exactly what work had been done, which is very nice of them, it seems they didn’t need to put pins in the end, which is a relief as that technically would have restricted the movement slightly. It seems that they sutured the ligament which had in the original fracture/breakage come away and they reattached the ligament so now in theory it will get better, but right now, it hurts, I have barely any movement in the wrist up and down, left and right, I can move my fingers a little which is how I am trying to type right now and apparently it is good for my wrist to use it as much as I can to help stem the muscle wastage and to lay the groundwork for making the physio easier, quicker and more complete.

So for the next four weeks I am still with a cast, meaning no showers, I have to keep the cast dry which of course affects what I can do, so for another four weeks I am going to be dependant on others and there is nothing I hate more than that, relying on others to help me with the most basic of tasks, like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Yes as a man, you would think I would revel in the fact I will have others helping me, not a chance, too bloody independent minded for that. Whilst it is nice for others to assist, I do like my independence and not relying on others, and only having myself to deal with and knowing if there is a problem or a cock-up I am solely responsible. I sound a damn ungrateful bugger, but I am very grateful, just wish I wasn’t so restricted.

At least I can ask Z to wear the nurses uniform if I could find one for her ;o))

Latest News

Latest news.

It has been a while since I last blogged, and that has been solely because of the wrist, which will hopefully recover and give me full working again

In that time, it seemed that the news I wanted to blog I couldn’t, so much happened and I couldn’t blog it, much to my annoyance.

Amongst the things I couldn’t blog was the fact that the London eye is now to be saved, due to the intervention of Mayor Ken Livingstone, so for once Red Ken got this so right, and it is so funny that the government managed to look a right bunch of prats , especially the culture minister who was responsible for appointing Lord Hollick and won’t sack him and he was solely responsible for all the crap. To have Paris say that they would take the wheel off our hands was so embarrassing, and if we lose the 2012 Olympic bid to Paris, you could see this as one of the factors. I am sure the Olympic committee saw the furore. The sooner Lord Hollick is sacked the better.

Other things included the fact that in the last election, Labour were found to have basically hoodwinked the electorate, by faking letters to the media, arranging photo shoots using Labour members when suggesting they were public off the street. It was a channel 4 programme and it was disgusting to see this manipulation of the public, and now I know where those letters about the NHS doing so well came from, whereas everyone I ever speak to, say it is getting worse, so bad, that you have places in Eastern Europe with better healthcare than us, places like Poland, come on, whilst I am not against the Poles, we the Brits ought to have a better healthcare than them, as we are supposedly in the top 5 countries in the world economically, and we put in more money than them per head, we even put more per head than the Germans and they have a system that outstrips us.

Another thing was this stupid idea of the government to fuel the house market with their package to help people get on the housing ladder. Well news for you, in London it won’t help an iota because to be of use, you would need to be earning at least £30K, and this was checked out by the Evening Standard and my god, how many people earn that type of salary normally? This is just a chance to fuel the housing market rather than actually fix the problem.

To make this more laughable, there is a programme on Channel 4 at the moment called Property Chain . It shows all the problems that are caused by having such a situation that we have in this country and that by having chains as we do, which is expected in a house owning country, that the workforce can’t be flexible and yet they the government expect the workforce to be 100% flexible, well that isn’t possible, as this programme shows, all the pitfalls that come about through having property chains, and I do recall the experiences of people I have worked with before all the problems they faced. This is solely due to such an extensive ownership. I am not against ownership, I am one of the very lucky people to own my house in London, especially at my age, I brought it when I was 28, which was very young, just got lucky, today I wouldn’t stand a chance as it would be 8 times my salary, and I earn more than the average in London. I was just lucky.

I also found some really nice other blogs that are particular for London - Going Underground's Blog a fantastic blog the lady blogging this, does a real great job on the site, always funny and informative too, very much a very worthwhile read.

Another Underground site, though not a blog, is the following - Underground History. For those who wonder what the past was of the Underground and those places that make you think, did a line run here before, or why is that building there when there seems to be no line, etc. A very well put together site, very informative for those who like history and are inquisitive as well.