Monday, April 11, 2005

Other news

As it has been a little while for news about what is going on the personal front, I had best explain what has been going on.

Well last week I was having to work hard on an OU assignment which I still need to finish and ASAP, so that is running me hard. I also had a test for bank to do for a job, well that test was nasty, like working out the square root of a number without using the sqrt() function, like I recall how to do that, and every way I looked online I couldn't see a simple way of doing it, so I have my fingers crossed that I get somewhere with that one.

I had two interviews the previous week, well one let me know on Friday that, I have an outstanding personality, just exactly what they are looking for, but on the technical they were looking for someone with slightly more experience than me, oh well it happens, I also got the same for a different role I saw that previous week, but I am still in with a chance there, so fingers crossed.

I have two interviews this week, one today, though I am not sure how I am going to do, I have been laid low all weekend with an ear infection and right now I am struggling to hear, and wearing the aid is going to be hard work, to put it in simple terms, my ear is weeping and I am praying it doesn't weep in the interview, but I am so tired and rundown, I fear how this will go. I can but hope as they say. I do have others in the pipeline, but I need my ears working well ASAP, which isn't looking a good prospect right now.

Despite my ears being what they were over the weekend, I was very fortunate to have some time with Z, despite not hearing and the poor Z having to raise her voice for me to even catch a little bit of what was being said, we had a nice time together, and I hope I didn't hurt her ears too much when I was talking back, given I was shouting, because I was talking loud enough to hear my own voice. My neighbours must love me, loud loud music at the moment, and someone shouting as well, I can see an ASBO coming my way eventually, and an ASBO is AntiSocialBehaviourOrder. They are issued for the most daft things these days.

So I am unfortunately back in a silent world, one which frustrates me, all I can do is keep moving forward, and hope my ears come back to normal soon, each day having this is difficult, and restricts what I can do. That is my moaning over.

I am off to finish my OU assignment, and finish the work for the interview I have later today and hopefully they will be okay with someone who has a raspy voice, has panda eyes, and isn't hearing well... great combination wouldn't you say.......

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Ian said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling crap mate.

fyi, the algorithm for find a square root isn't pretty. it's at the bottom of this page..