Sunday, April 24, 2005

NFL Draft 2005

This weekend has been the NFL Draft, for those not interested in American Football, this weekend hasn't been of interest, but for those who follow the game, this is an important time of the year, a chance for your team to restock the players with new young blood, which you hope will have an impact as soon as can be possible.

Well for the first time in recent history, my team has actually done what seems to be a good job of drafting. Day one certainly turned up a few good players, which if they pan out right, which is always a crap shoot anyway, but if they reach potential, then it looks like we have gained a few good players that will have quite an impact.

Being in the UK, we don't get to know much about the college prospects, and can only go by what we read and the analysis that is given. For once Dallas has been ranked as a winner and that is very good by usual standards. In the past few years, we have sucked a great deal, hopefully these new picks will prove to be good.

My only concern is that we didn't focus on the WR position, I feel we needed to do so, especially with a draft that seemed to be quite deep at that position as well.

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