Sunday, April 24, 2005

San Marino Grand Prix - Result

For those who haven't seen the race, stop because I am printing the result.

1 F Alonso (Renault)
2 M Schumacher (Ferrari)
3 J Button (BAR)
4 A Wurz (McLaren)
5 T Sato (BAR)
6 J Villeneuve (Sauber)
7 J Trulli (Toyota)
8 R Schumacher (Toyota)

I have to say, the best race of the year so far. A cracking race, which really came alive about the first round of pitstops, suddenly it all came to. Hats off to MS, he drove a great race, and nearly managed it, and as Martin Brundle said on the commentary, Ominous, it really is. For MS to be about 2 secs faster is scary. The Red Baron is back.....

It was a shame to see Kimi suffer his problem, I do think it would have been an epic battle if he had been around as well, given he was infront of Alonso and pushing hard, such a shame. One can only hope that for the next race in Spain, he gets lucky.

All the hope for Button to overcome Alonso came to nothing, but still a good drive, which shows BAR are getting back there, and well done to Wurz, a good measured drive, more than showing he should be racing again, maybe if JPM is still not fit for the next race, they will give Wurz another chance, cause he showed a good race.

What the heck happened to the Williams, I have no idea, but that was awful, just awful, you expect better out of a Williams.

Roll on Spain, this is starting to get interesting.

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