Thursday, April 21, 2005

Election 2005 - Health

This isn’t quite an election comparison issue, but this is about incompetence on a grand scale by this bunch of morons running the show at the moment. I found this yesterday, which has gone quietly unreported by most of the big news stations, and was found through a health emailing list I am connected to called NetDoctor.

Petition to save children's ward found in skip

The idea that throwing away a petition is good political nonce is amazing, whoever thought that no one would ever find out, well, at this time especially with all the electioneering going on, this was going to come out and it has, someone was kind enough to send the bundle to a national newspaper and lo and behold it has come out, that the Health minister was handed a petition and less than two weeks later the petition and its associated papers are found in a paper recycling skip.

Mmmm, an issue that surely shows how out of touch the government are, and how they never bother to listen to a bloody word anyone says, and they want us to re-elect them. Well start listening and then maybe, just maybe, you will hear what we have to say, until such time, forget it.

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