Friday, April 29, 2005

Airbus A380

Back on Wednesday this mammoth of a plane had it first take off and landing, and I as a European as so proud of the achievement. We as Europeans have created a plane that will be the king of the skies for years to come. I know there has been a lot of battles about it, and will it or won’t it succeed, I think it will do so. It has been said to be quieter than expected, it weighs 560 tonnes, that is massive, but it got up into the sky and what a feat of engineering, we should be proud as Europeans for this, show off our skills and expertise.

Because I want to provide pictures and videos of the A380, here are a bunch of links for it

Airbus A380 flys
Airbus A380 flight pictures
Details of the Airbus A380

Some videos - Videos of the A380 flight

There has certainly been mixed reaction to it

Others thoughts

I personally feel that a lot of carping from the Americans over the funding is typical, given that Boeing has had a lot of funding in the past, and don’t like the idea that we are doing the same as them and when we do what we consider fair to us, they don’t like it. Roll on more of the A380, lets hope they can find a better name for it, a very European name, I did see a suggestion in a paper, calling it Mercury, from the past, maybe, any ideas of good names, maybe we should send to Airbus themselves.

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