Monday, March 28, 2005

A Puzzle

Three men go into a cafe, they each order a coffee and a pastry. The bill comes to £30, each pay £10 in cash. The waiter takes the money to the counter, and at the counter the head waiter says to the waiter, there has been a mistake, they were overcharged, it is meant to be £25. So the waiter goes back to give back the money, but decides well they don't know they were overcharged so much, and decides not to give it all back to them. He give back the three men £3, £1 each, and pockets the other £2 for himself. So if each person paid £9 and the waiter pocketed £2, where is the other pound £ ?

Anyone know?


be said...

any clues?

Ian said...

The missing pound isn't missing! The 30 pounds is irrelevant.

the meal was 25, the waiter stole 2 quid so we need 27 pound total.
the 3 dinners paid 9 pound each..

3*9 = 27
3*9 = 25 + 2

Russ, remember that bloody lecturer that tried to convince us 1 was the biggest number?! same slight of hand.

Speakers Corner said...

I do recall that lecturer, the one with a bum bag on all the time. Those lessons where hard work.

It is as Ian says a slight of hand, more psychology than Maths, and note I say Maths, not Math.

ian said...

actually thats my pet peeve too.

It's also physics not physic but there you go.

You say potato and I say,oh.. potato.

BrianDavison said...

So tell us about this lecurer and why 1 is the biggest number?