Friday, August 05, 2005

Work - Two months in

I have now been at work for just two months, seems a lot longer, but I am slowly getting there, what surprised me this week, was that I got a call from a head-hunter for another role, with a company that is absolutely massive, very well known and a leader in its field.

The timing is all so wrong, but I am to be kept on the books for a later date should I change my mind. I need more time with my current place, they are a good bunch of people no doubting it, and it is taking time, but I am getting more settled, so I want to see how it goes. I have to say, it was tempting, especially with the prospect of another 6K on top of what I already get. I seem to be getting more enquiries now, than I was before and I am doing nada for it either, so either there is something going around and the market is struggling and they are looking at those who were looking previously, or maybe my boss has been putting me out to tender prior to the 3 month notice period, I hope not……..

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