Friday, August 05, 2005

New Housemate

I am soon to get a new housemate, my beloved Z has agreed to move in, which is good news for me, less travelling to see her, just turn over in bed and there she will be….

Right now she is home visiting family and friends in Slovakia, and at the end of the month, she moves in, and for the first time in over four years I will be sharing my place with someone, which is quite daunting, as I am so used to my own space, it will feel very alien, while at the same time is progress in the relationship. At the moment, it is texts between us, and no emails, Slovakia I don’t think is quite as connected to the Internet as we are in the UK are. Though they are apparently ahead of us, in the uptake of the EURO as they will be joining in 2008, about 100 years before we will in the UK!!! I know Z is enjoying herself, she is off to Poland next week, been picking and preserving blueberries, and having a good time, very pleased for her, I know when she gets back, it will be hard work for her, she wants to be a stewardess and with 5 languages under her belt, I can see she stands a good chance. So I might be going out with a trolley dolly ;o)))

I will have had a month to get used to someone elses stuff in my place, and it is odd, but it actually feels more cramped than ever before and that is with a 3 bed house. Now I am not large, just so so used now to all the space. I did live at home with my folks when I was younger and there was five of us in that house for a long time, how we did it, I have no idea, and I could never imagine ever again having all my possessions in one little room, of 10ft by 10ft.

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