Friday, August 19, 2005

Change to Holiday plans

Sadly my holiday plans took a less than happy turn. I am not off to Malta, much to my sadness, as F, my friend I was supposed to be staying with has been taken quite ill and has had to go into hospital for an operation.

F isn't well at all, and this operation is urgent and of course, despite my sadness at not being able to catch up now, the main thing is that F is well. We looked at other dates, but the alternatives clash with my work commitments, never thought I would say that 6 months ago, lol.

It is a grand shame, as it has been a while since I had the chance to catch up with F, and doing so in the sunny climate of Malta was something I was looking forward to. I am sure now that I am back working there will be more opportunities to catch up with F. With F's birthday approaching as well, it was really going to be a good chance to have a laugh.

Well F, take care of yourself, keep your strength to recover, and we will just to have to organize another time, and I will be able to catch up then, and to my knowledge Malta won't run away, so I can see you in the near future, I am sure of it

I am still going to be taking the time off work, take a well needed break and take it easy, well I say that, but with my OU coming to a close in the next month or so, I need to focus on the exams and the last of the assignments, so I will probably be working, but not my usual case of work, plus I guess I have to try and get the house ready for when Z turns up on the 28th

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