Monday, August 22, 2005

Smoking ban - please

Today the following research was published

Majority approve smoking ban

The majority of the public believe smoking should be banned in all workplaces, according to a new study.

Research by Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) and Cancer Research UK revealed 73 per cent of individuals in England and Wales support a blanket smoking ban.

Under government proposals, which are due to come into force in 2008, non-food serving pubs and clubs will be exempt from a smoking ban.

ASH director Deborah Arnott labelled plans not to outlaw smoking in all establishments as "damaging" and "pointless". "The public wants action to end second-hand smoke at work. It now kills more than 600 people at work every year three times the number of deaths from industrial accidents. And it causes many thousands of asthma attacks and episodes of illness," she said.

"Smoke-free legislation must be comprehensive if it is to be successful," Ms Arnott added.

The health improvement and protection bill is expected to be put before parliament in November

Well, I think the words duh, come to mind here. It is only the government whom seem to not have their ear to the ground and are so disconnected from their own electorate, which is sadly nothing new, but here is even more proof that their dithering is a waste of time. It is so funny that they can't see that a ban will work. It works in San Francisco, New York, Ireland, Norway, and more and more places are putting in bans which aren't affecting business, in a lot of cases, it is increasing business because those who don't want to smell like an ashtray at the end of a night are actually going out, they aren't being affected by the pain to their eyes with the smoke. I have had the fortune to visit two of the places listed, and it made my night a lot lot better not having that stench on my clothes, I ended up staying longer in the bar/pub, because I didn't have to get away from the smoke.

This idea of allowing people to ruin others health, is not on anymore, and people are sick of it. It would help if London Underground would enforce their ban on smoking, instead of just making an announcement on the tube saying it isn't allowed to smoke, how about throwing the people out of the station, especially as these people seem to forget what happen at Kings Cross in the 80s

So please mayor Ken, act without the government, and ban smoking in public places, like bars/pubs/clubs, restaurants.

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