Thursday, August 11, 2005

Channel 4 showing Lost

Still haven’t yet been able to blog as regularly as I would like. I thought that with summer coming I would maybe have more time, not a chance in hell. I seem to have less time, and it is like get up in the morning, go to work, come home, cook, and then do some more work for my OU degree, and then literally bed. One damn boring lifestyle at the moment, but with my hand, I can only do so much, bloody frustrating, and I am off at the end of next week and sunny Malta here I come.

A couple of things that I wanted to mention from the last week, I am sure there are more, but memory is crap right now. I am sure I will forget my name and where I work if this continues.

Firstly, for those who haven’t seen it, you are missing a great programme. It started last night, it is called Lost, and channel 4 are showing it. - Lost

If you missed it, you best start catching up soon, this programme is one of the US’s great exports, very well done, good storyline, and good characters. I know I am going to miss one when I am away as I am sure that Malta isn’t showing this, and if it does, I am betting it will be in Italian as 50% of their TV is in Italian, and I don’t get a word of it.

I am glad Channel 4 have picked this up, I think they have made a good choice and apparently 6 million of us in the UK seem to agree, so that says well done Channel 4.


Ian said...

Yep-we're waiting to the second season to start it gets a little X-Files -ey towards the end but is a very good show.

tellyphobe said...

I just saw episode 4 on E4 last night, because I'd heard how so many people had said it was excellent.

I can't believe how rubbish and time wasting it was.

Speakers Corner said...

tellyphobe, sorry that you didn't like it. It obviously isn't to your taste, but it certainly seems to be to the taste of about 6 million of us.
I for one intend to keep watching, as I am enjoying it a lot.