Monday, August 22, 2005

iPod Generation worse off

Ipod generation 'are worse off'

I saw this on the BBC site and after reading the article, my first response well no shit sherlock, you reckon.

They have defined it as iPod generation (supposedly under 35s) as because it means - Insecure, Pressured, Overtaxed and Debt-ridden

I am not sure I agree with insecure, but the other three I can take onboard. To me I have been renamed yet again. I was always Generation X, and will be until I can think of a more poignant tag.

It is true, we are worse off than our parents, especially when you are leaving university with 20K min debt in most cases which immediately puts you behind when trying to get on the property ladder for one, trying to enjoy life for another.

What the overloads of the government don't seem to realise that, if the "iPod" generation are so up to their ears in debt, then they can never afford to purchase the houses the overloads of this government own, and thus when they hope to sell, they are screwed because of no first time buyers to prop them and their little pyramid scheme up.

Plus on top of this, more are staying at home for longer, meaning they are being even more of a burden to their parents, because they can't afford to move out, thus the parents, don't have the chance to enjoy their life as they would expect to do so.

If anyone of our parents generation reads this, this simply means when you get old and need help, we can't afford to, because you cleaned us out. Remember what goes around comes around, you steal from us now, you will get it back in spades in the future, because we won't be able to support you as you would desire, because we are paying for things you never had to when you were in our shoes.

I don't like the situation at all, things like free education should be that, why did you deem it fine for you to get the free education, but now you are happy to pull the ladder up now you have made it. Talk about protectionist policies.

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