Thursday, August 11, 2005


You can tell I watch and pay too much attention to the adverts. I have noticed two adverts have had fairly major changes to the voiceovers.

The first is Churchill, and I know they did it because Vic Reeves got in trouble driving, so they dropped him for it, which I suppose is fair enough given that when you are advertising car insurance, you do kind of want the person doing the voiceover to not be been arrested for driving. But the person they replaced him with, boy they sound crap, I haven’t been able to figure out who it is, but they really don’t sound right at all. Like I said, I think I pay too much attention to adverts.

The second advert is pepperami, now obviously this was going to change, with the sad death of John Peel who did one part of the voiceover. The other one was Adrian Edmondson being the pepperami. Though I never actually bought the product, I do recall this advert a lot, in the various guises it came in, always with Ade basically re-enacting his Vyvyan role with the screaming and shouting. I am not sure who they replaced them both with, but it is no longer a pepperami advert to me, it is seems totally ruined. You expect to hear Ade and John, okay John can’t do it now, as such, but isn’t there such a thing as using the voice and paying his estate for the use of it. It is attached to them both, so you would think they would keep it as such.

I am sure there are many other adverts that have changed their voiceovers in the years, these are just the two I noticed, maybe I should get away from the TV when the adverts on more often…….

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