Friday, August 05, 2005

Off on holiday soon

I am off on holiday soon, to go and visit an old friend of mine in Malta. I am overdue a break, the last one I had was NY last September and that wasn’t a trip that went well. I know when I am out in Malta, I will probably suffer from the heat quite badly, being a real Englishman, who is quite pale, one isn’t very well built for the Med. Everytime I went before I ended up quite lobster red, and looking very bright red, you could literally feel the heat coming off me. Summer wardrobe needs a serious update, but there isn’t time and maybe looking like a tourist, people might take pity on me ;o))

I do like Malta, I really do, the people tend to be very friendly, and when I had been there previously I always enjoyed it. It helps they speak English as well, given I am terribly with foreign languages. But it is a much needed break and it will be nice to catch up with an old friend.


ianw said...

bloody hell, it's like waiting for a bus. nothing, nothing, nothing then a bunch all come at once!
glad you're back..

I couldn't do anything about meeting up when I was over the other week - insane mon-fri, 8am-2am in the office, urgh.

I'm over again soon, but have to go to germany as well as newbury. when are you out of town? drop me an email at the work address..

Lincoln Fenner said...

Loved reading your blog. Interesting to read your comments about the tube.
I lived in London for 2 yrs (99 -01) and have returned a few times since.

We hv a fair bit in common, I'm also 32, work in technology (UNIX), my favourite band is New Order.

London History is one of my passions. Another is film. I'm a Film Director.

I'll be back to ur blog. Keep ur chin up on the tube and don't let them win. London will survive all things (my favourite city). Love ur Pepys quote.

Find me at

Lincoln Fenner

Speakers Corner said...

Hi Lincoln,

Many thanks for your comments. I am glad you like the blog. I haven't seen UNIX for a long time now, that brings back memory, that was over 10 years ago, some time as you can imagine.....

I take it you got the latest New Order album, how did you rate it to the previous one.

You are right, London is more than able to cope with all that gets thrown at it.

I love London history, especially things like the Tube, and the history of it, it is amazing what is beneath our feet in this city, so much we aren't aware of. There are some really good sites around for the history of the tube, how to find parts of it, and walks that exist as well.

Thanks for your site.