Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Scary news for those who use North West London Hospitals NHS trust

This is information that was recently posted by the healthcare commission and was also published in the newspapers in the national media, so maybe already seen, but for those who live in North West London and use the hospitals in the area, of which Northwick Park Hospital is one of them, this will make very uncomfortable reading.

Healthcare commission report 2005 for North West London Hospitals NHS trust

Star Rating for the North West London Hospitals NHS trust 2005

There shows in these reports just how bad things are, and to make matters worse they are extremely dismissive of patient compliants. The defintion of compliants by the commission - Percentage of written complaints for which a local resolution was completed within 20 working days.This indicator shows how well the NHS is performing in meeting targets set for the local resolution stage of the NHS complaints procedure. And they score 1, which is Significantly below average, oh my. I can see my letter disappearing and never being found, just like the 24 hour tape data.

The management in charge of this trust, should be sacked en mass, and a new set of people found who will actually do what they are employed for, making sure patients are seen quickly, with little or no fuss, and make sure the patients get better where possible, instead of having them wait in excess of the time the government sets as the worse case scenario waiting time. Remember this is a trust that sends out letters to people asking if they still want the surgery which they have been waiting in excess of 9 months for, so they can try and reduce the waiting list.

If anyone from that trust by chance ever reads this, maybe they can say why the trust is sinking fast and up shit creek without a paddle.

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