Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Animal rights protestors win - closed Darley Oaks farm in Staffordshire

I saw this yesterday night on the news and I am amazed at the protestors, the actions they have taken to shut down the Darley Oaks farm in Staffordshire.

Guinea pig farm's family targeted
The siege of Darley Oaks Farm

I am not against protests, but the level of violence they have used to achieve this is mind boggling, seriously mind boggling.

The family who own the farm have had a lot of violent attacks on them

To top it off, the extremists protestors desecrated a dead woman’s grave, hello, anyone in there, come on, desecrating a grave, that is nasty stuff, what on earth gives. Removing a dead woman’s remains and apparently they are still not found 11 months on and it is believed they will never be recovered.

Me, I am not against animal testing I will be honest. Until we can produce a better method that allows drugs for medicine to be tested and give valid results when testing these new medicines then we have no choice. All that can be done is to try and minimize the level of pain and harm caused, but until technology creates something better, we are left with nothing else.

I am for protests, if people want to protest, but the extremists who are doing this, need to be stopped, to cause violence on others isn’t an acceptable way of protesting against this.

It kind of reminds me of the joke that Bill Hicks used to say about pro-lifers murdering doctors in the US. Yep, pro-lifers murdering people, mmmm, that gets your point across really well doesn’t it. You are pro-life, but you think that murdering doctors, etc to stop abortions is the right way.

You can easily transpose that onto this situation, you are against animal testing so you think that committing acts of violence on doctors, workers, and families makes you better and any different to them. You charge them with causing harm to animals, but you are doing no different. And to desecrate a grave, that isn’t call for, and the sooner the police work out who did it, and throw them in the clink the better.

People have a right not to have people commit acts of violence on them, and until the protestors come up with a better solution, I will personally see the extremists as nothing more than pond scum, because such behaviour can’t and should never be accepted as a viable form of protest.

Animal tests get renewed backing

I am sure I could end up with a lot of complaints against my view, so be it, but everyone is entitled to a view, and people shouldn't be having acts of violence carried out on them, because of their view and their work, we do live in a free society I thought.

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