Friday, August 05, 2005

Latest with the Tube

It is good to see the Tube completely up and running again, with a complete service running, until the next delay or suspect package…. I jest, well no I don’t but, those who travel the Tube will know what I mean. There are still a lot of police on the tube, and being honest it doesn’t make me feel safer, it actually makes me wonder who is covering what they were covering, I bet all the crims are rubbing their hands in glee at all the focus on terrorists, well so called terrorists.

One thing I have to say, which might not suit some, is this lot are a lot less scary than the IRA were, the IRA really went for it, repeatedly, not like this lot, not that I wish them to do so, but their attempts haven’t made me less likely to travel although apparently it is stopping about 450,000 a day using the tube, not that I notice in rush hour to be honest. I will feel happier when the police aren’t there anymore, it will mean normality has returned, and the terrorists have lost, right now, they have changed the majorities daily life, and thus they have won. The sooner we get back to the real norm the better.

The tube is whether we like it or not, the lifeline of London, it allows the workers to go to work, it allows London to party as well. Such much rides on a good service, and that it is why it is important that it runs well, which never made sense why the government sold Londoners short with the PPP system for the Tube.

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