Friday, August 05, 2005

Government backdown and spin

Today, I saw that Tony McNulty, a minister for the Home Office, admitted that they oversold the ID cards, no apology for the serious amount of spin, but admitted to the Fabian society that the government overspun it. Well newsflash, don’t think this is over, they are just changing tack. This government is determined to remove as much civil liberty as possible, point in case being drafting a law to try and remove Brain Haw from infront of the commons, what a joke, and then the judges found it didn’t apply, because of the wording of the law. You got to love this government, it really enjoys drafting laws, as it has drawn up more legislation than any other has, and for what, I don’t see any improvement.

Another spin by our beloved government, might as well have my say before they remove free speech for good. The NHS is supposedly getting better, and there are only apparently pockets that aren’t performing, let me tell you 2 years for an operation to fix a bust wrist, isn’t a working system. 2 years to get hearing aids, and then they don’t even work properly, 6+ months to tell another hospital that there is an urgent referral, mmm, my god that must have been bloody urgent. The person suffers from blackouts, and the cardiologist at their local says that they will refer to another hospital straight away, that was in Jan, the letter wasn’t sent until July, whereby the other hospital then books straight away, If that is urgent I hate to see non-urgent, what 5 years. Tony Blair, your government is so up its own ass, and has only continued to destroy the fabric of this country, and you make Mrs.T look like a pussycat.

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