Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Council Tax - London

This isn't probably going to be a shock for a lot of people in London, but a leaked report came out today with regards to council tax, that tax we all hate so much.

Well, and in my own mind, this has been coming for a while, the report is predicting that when the update is done on banding for the system, most properties in London especially, will move in a higher band by at least one band if not more. That means that most people will be paying more than another £300 on top of the money that are already paying. So in London where the average is over £1000 already, that is a 30% increase, and the grant that London councils get will be reduced, so instead of central government doing its bit, the locals will have to stump up more.

This is so typical of this government, they have ever since they moved into number 10, taken aim at those living in London especially, bleeding it dry to the point where London pays so much more into coffers than any other area, and gets so little in return. The nearest thing I can think of that relates is in the US where California for every buck it gives in taxs, is lucky to get 80 cents back. It seems London is doing the same, so we are keeping the country on an even keel, but by bleeding London so dry to the point where London is struggling with transport, education, health, etc, the list isn't exhaustive.

This government doesn't understand that you can bleed something dry to the point where it just gives up and then you have nothing left to bleed dry. London is the driving force of this country, you destroy the engine, you destroy everything else. This government has hated London ever since it came to power, it has done its best to make Londoners pay for its shambolic practices, and has lied about many things we were due, like an electable mayor who would have powers, anyone care to remember PFI for the Tube, that was forced on us, and we are going to pay for that for the next 30 years, because they didn't want London to get something decent.

This is really a situation of taxing by stealth, which usually is the only means of doing so, because they don't have the balls to say it up front that taxs need to rise, but a 30% increase in bills, who do they think they are kidding with this, this re-evaluation was done with one purpose in mind, to squeeze Londoners even more dry than they are now.

The sooner this bunch of wasters are removed, the better, but sadly there is no one even close to being any better, so people won't make the effort to vote them out, or even give them a bloody nose.

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