Monday, March 14, 2005

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Well yes I am not Irish, but I went along to the Parade in Central London yesterday. I didn’t actually see the parade because I didn’t get to town until 2pm, so I only saw the part in Trafalgar Square, where they had a stage two big screens so that you could see what was going on. I went along with Z who I was with on Friday, see blog entry about Friday if you aren’t sure who Z is, the Slovakian lady.
With it being Irish celebrations, I had to drink Guinness, cause an Irish friend of mine said she expected me to do so and partake in the spirit of the celebrations, so I had a pint of Guinness, oh my god, I tried it over 10 years ago and wasn’t a fan, and I will never be now even more, not a great taste and my god it is so heavy on the stomach, I felt so bloated, so seriously bloated. I am very much a spirit drinker 99% of the time, so this thing was weighing me down!! I felt like I had expanded to the size of Jabba the Hutt.
I have some pictures from the day, but as I don’t have a digital camera, I can’t put them up until processed, which is going to be a while, so the pictures will come at a later date, if they come out alright. The fountains in the square were putting out green water in honour of the day, and there was typical Irish behaviour, though I didn’t see any leprechauns.
Me and Z spent a fair bit of time at the Parade, she had already been to Hyde Park where it started before meeting up with me, so she had some pictures of the goings on if the Park. I had a good time with Z, very good time, if you are curious as to what she looks like, think in your mind Minnie Driver and Z has a face similar to Minnie Drivers. I don’t have a picture of Z I can put up, not sure it would be fair on Z for me to do that, especially right now, but I hope my description helps give an idea.
And yes, I will be seeing Z again, hopefully next weekend, so fingers crossed…

I was thinking of the Parade and why we don’t have a St George’s Day Parade and I got to thinking, how can we, what exactly would we celebrate, cause no one seems to know what being English is. I would love to hear people’s comments as to what they think a parade could encompass as to St George’s Day. The things that come to mind are the following – alcohol culture, hooligans, and people walking around thinking we still have an Empire, walking around with flags and claiming land, I claim this land in the name of England, I mean that is how we did it in the past, and so wouldn’t be anything different and saying words like dash and cunning. We should have a St George’s Day parade, but I will be damned if I could think of anything which would be truly English, other than the ability to say sorry a thousand times, and our dry sarcastic wit, which stumps Americans, Europeans, and the fact we never seem to smile!!!, so please folks, ideas on the comments, maybe we could send it to our Mayor and push for a day for us locals.

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