Monday, March 21, 2005

Malaysian GP Result

Well I was stunned by the result and my preview of the result couldn't have been further off the mark, which shows I know nada on this season so far, my predictions have fallen flat...

1. ALONSO Renault
2. TRULLI Toyota
3. HEIDFELD Williams BMW
4. MONTOYA McLaren Mercedes
6. COULTHARD RedBull Cosworth
8. KLIEN RedBull Cosworth

I have to say that I am surprised by the pace Renault have been showing and the consistency that is going with it. Good for them, they deserve it, they have worked hard and have put some distance between themselves and everyone else and had Fisichella not drifted into Webber they could have had more points, but that is racing.

The big teams that were expected to make an impact - Ferrari, McLaren and Williams are lagging behind for various reasons. Raikkonen would have probably been on the podium had it not been for the unlucky tyre problem, that was such a shame, I think he really could have gotten Trulli as well, but that as they say is racing.

Roll on the next race, and one has to say that it is getting interesting and I do doubt that Renault will keep this up for the whole season, and I hope they don't, I would like to see Williams and McLaren pushing them hard, and even BAR if they ever manage to get an engine that works. If this keeps up, my understanding the clause in Buttons contract would mean he would be gone to Williams for 2006, and with each race that is looking more and more likely.

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