Sunday, March 06, 2005

Australian GP

Well after having watched this race, I have to say congrats to Renault with the result, well done. I knew that they were considered by some to be favourites to challenge Ferrari, and they showed that they could do that. Okay the grid was a little topsy-turvey, and some people were out of place, but Alonso showed that it was possible to move up, and so did others. It was a shame DC didn't managed to get a podium after all his efforts, and probably at the races that come he won't be quite so high up, but still a good race all round.

Schumi didn't exactly do well, and causing the accident as he did, he can only have himself to blame. It will be interesting to see if BAR get away with what they did, by making sure both cars didn't cross the line so that they can change the engine for the next race, I wonder how long it will take the FIA to clamp down on that one, especially as they admitted it on live TV as well, that might not have been the most sensible move going.

As for the McLarens, what on earth happened, they were totally outshone by the Renault and Ferrari, KR and JPM really didn't perform at all, and wasted a golden opportunity to strike whilst Schumi was struggling. The McLaren does look a fantastic car, beautifully done, but all of that is going to be worthless if the drivers don't use the car as they should.

Not a fan of the qualifying at all, I don't like the aggregate timings, I don't think it is good. The idea to run a session on Sunday morning, yes that is good. Why they don't do what they did in Japan last year, by having the important qualifying on the Sunday, just hours before the race, I don't know, that would make it much more pressured and thus more enjoyable for those who go to the races, and a more full day of F1, instead of all the support races, which they have to watch, and most likely not interested in either.

Next race - Malaysia, this should be interesting, if the weather doesn't play a part like this weekend, then we can expect it to be closer and the top teams to be more on the ball, so expect Ferrari, McLaren, Renault to be battling it out, I think Williams, BAR and maybe RedBull will be the teams behind them for the more minor placings. So roll on and it will be another early start for the race fans in the UK, but maybe, just maybe this season won't be the redwash it was last year, here is to hoping!!!


Klite said...

its the weekend of the 19th
more than 1 week away - not next weekend.
the weather will be perfect

and I shall be that close to the race !!!!!!

Speakers Corner said...

I know it is the 19th, never said it was next weekend, but regardless, I have to say, put these words into a phrase

- get jammy