Saturday, March 12, 2005


Well, an evening out that has ended sadly, and I had a wonderful time out. For those who don't know, I am currently single and looking to meet new ladies and maybe if I am lucky, I might get to know one special lady much more.

Well tonight, I met a lovely lady, spent four hours chatting in a bar, she is a good looking Slovakian, 25 years old, so that is 7 years younger than me, yes, thank you for those who have been keeping track, she is an au-pair/ childminder, lived in London for a couple of years and is also undertaking an English language course as well, on top of that, she already knows three languages quite well, I say quite, she is fluent, and she knows bits of two others as well, so quite a linguist.

She is good looking, have to mention that again!!! and despite her slightly broken English, and it is so very slight, she is wonderful company, has plenty of stories to tell, and a lot of different life experiences, very different to mine, but we did seem to get on very well tonight.

Do I hope to see her again, you betcha, I of course find her attractive, I also enjoy chatting to her, being in her company, talking about all manner of things, find myself blushing a lot too for no good reason, other than it just happens, lol. Will anything happen, mmm, that I am feel a little unsure, for a number of reasons.

1) I am not sure she knows I am deaf, though I don't know if she does know whether it will make a difference, I am doubting it will, but it certainly hasn't come up yet.

2) I am 7 years older than she is, and I wonder if that will cause a problem, she is a mature 25 year old, and I am not exactly a mature 32 year old!!!

3) Can two people who got to know each other via the internet chat site, have success, sustained success that is.

4) Will I manage not to be too overeager, and blow a chance with a lady I think even though it is only one meeting and two/three weeks of emails/texts is a really lovely lady, and someone whom I never would have gotten to know otherwise if it hadn't been for the chat site.

5) Can I contain my desire to kiss her a lot, that is already hard work.....

I am hoping against hope that I have found a lady whom I am clicking with, and whom I do respect a lot, and am attracted to as well, for a joyful ending. I am off to sleep, so nite nite readers

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Klite said...

well after some intial problem over identity and pretences- this how turned out a bit better thatn expected, however and its a bitg however - one day at a time , keep your heart in check for now. think of second cousin who married a czech woman !