Monday, March 21, 2005

HELP - Comedy Series

I have been watching this since it started and I have to say, it has stayed with me, I have been enjoying it a great deal. Last night just for an instance, there is someone needing therapy who punches the therapist and the therapist is suggesting that it best be done over the phone rather than face, cause he smacks the therapist really hard.

All the things that are happening with the characters, you can really imagine a poor therapist having to go through it all. Chris Langham and Paul Whitehouse with this comedy have a really top hit, I think it is so funny and worth more shows, I hope they do another series. 6 shows isn't enough and I am hoping that they release them for those not lucky enough to see them, those not in the UK, all those ex-pats living abroad.

Guide to HELP - The Comedy Series

Video Clip of one of the patients

There is one clip on the above link, and funny, but they need to get the series out for release as soon as possible when it finishes showing, I think there will be a lot of take up. I also think they should show it to all budding therapist/psychologist. As someone who is studying psychology with an eye to being a therapist in the future, this would give people a lot of prior warning at just some of the people who they can expect to come through their doors!!

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