Monday, March 07, 2005

Baby badge for pregnant commuters

I saw this today on the news, and I was admittedly ashamed that this action has been needed on the Tube. The story is basically, that the tube are going to hand out baby badges for pregnant commuters because people are refusing to give up their seats for pregnant women. The badge says baby on board, which is a humourous way to tackle this, but the fact that a badge is needed, shows just how far things have gone, and how far as londoners our manners have disappeared.

Baby Badge for Pregnant Commuters

I see a number of reasons for this,

1) The tube is always so packed, some people don't see the fact someone is pregnant

2) Since the equality, people especially men, are willing to give up seats for ladies now, the argument being you wanted equality, you have it. Well okay fair point, but pregnant ladies are a different kettle of fish all together

3) The age of chivalry is long over, and men these days in general are not being gentlemen, numerous reasons why, some is to do with the fact, that those who try to behave as gentlemen get no thanks for being polite and kind, ie holding a door open, when was the last time you heard someone say thanks, it is also to do with the fact ladies don't seem to want men who are gentlemen, despite all their words, they don't like men being gentlemen

4) It is part of London, where people are always in a hurry, they have no spatial awareness of what is around them, they may as well wear blinkers, cause their actions certainly indicate that they do so, and thus behave in such a manner, that shows they have no idea who is around them or what is happening

5) People in general don't feel anyone should get special treatment, and on the tube where you are lucky if you get a seat, most don't want to give them up.

I know if I saw a pregnant lady with no seat, I would give mine up, but then I was taught as little boy to do such a thing by my mother, and when you have that fear in your head your mother would tick you off if you weren't a proper gentleman, the wagging finger, etc, you do tend to remember to be polite and nice to others when you can.


Klite said...

wouldnt it be simpler if the tube provided enought trains in the morning in the first place, so that the pregant women, elderly children and diabled can sit down without fear of injuring themselves everytime the train goes on its roller coaster ride. it would probably sabe on the tube liablity insurance as well !

Speakers Corner said...

That is a valid point, but you know London it will never happen, chaos rules, so manners should still be applicable.