Wednesday, March 02, 2005

F1 Season 2005

Well the season starts in earnest this weekend, I wish I was in a position to say that the Red Baron wasn't going to sweep to another title, but that would be false. Even with him using last years car to start with, he is going to be cruising I think to another title.

There is plenty of chances for challengers, but none will be able to sustain a challenge, once the Ferrari team and the Red Baron get going, it will be over. I am hoping against hope that McLaren, Williams, BAR and Renault are able to mount some challenge.

I am looking forward to the commentary too, not so much James Allen, he is okay, but Martin Brundle is really good, and I can't wait to see how many other quips and nicknames he gives to Schumacher, those are always a laugh. As for the qualifying it sounds like it is going to be a disaster.

For those of you who think you know who will win and enjoy predicting what the results are, and thinking you know better than the rest, then go to this place and test your mettle against others. I didn't do well at all last year, but the year before I got to 103rd out of 3913, so I was dead pleased with that, so go on have a look and see if you can cut it

Enjoy the season, hopefully it won't be a redwash


Ian said...

Check out the links..

looks like I'll actually be in town so I'm hoping to be able to go!

Speakers Corner said...

Thanks for the links, you have to go, it looks a great idea and you are close by, that is cool.

I was lucky enough to see the F1 Parade last summer in London with a few others, you will seriously love the racing, remember to take ear plugs, you don't want to become deaf!!!

Klite said...

my local tv station(free) will be broadcasting all races live. plus several of us might be able to get tickets to go to the race here !!!!

Speakers Corner said...

Okay, I am jealous, you aren't even into F1 that much, and you might get tickets, argh!!!!
That is Mrs.KLite doing isn't it, maybe she is turning you into a petrolhead!!!