Sunday, February 27, 2005


No it is okay, I am not asking for Help, but it is the name of a new comedy on BBC2 with Paul Whitehouse and Chris Langham. I have just watched the first one, and it had me laughing really hard. Paul Whitehouse does a great job in morphing into different characters and making them work.

To give you more idea of it have a look here
HELP - Info about it

and just in case you can't get BBC2 where you are, here is a link to some clips of it, turn up your volume and listen, you will love it.
Video Clips

Please enjoy it, I am.


Anonymous said...

your page has gone a bit wonky
the about me has dropped to the bottom

Klite said...

re thundercats - if you had looked them up you would have seen that you missed one !!!!!