Sunday, February 13, 2005

Chinese New Year

Today is the day of the Chinese New Year celebrations in London, with a grand parade and events and so much more. I was going to go, and really wanted to visit, but thanks to engineering works on the tube, I had to cancel, I was going to go with a friend, but instead of a 30 minute journey, I would have spent nearly 2 hours each way travelling to do this. Where I live, I have the option of 3 separate lines to get into central London, and yes, all three have engineering works, a wonderful collaboration between the organisers to make it so that anyone who lives where I am, can basically sod off when wanting to get to central London. This is just not acceptable, and really shows London to have a third world transport system. I even complained directly to the mayor office, and days later, still awaiting a response, I guess the fact I was direct, honest, and to the point, made it that he can’t be bothered to reply, and why am I not surprised, he is happy to peddle rubbish to us Londoners about how he is fixing the tube, well no Mr. Mayor you aren’t.

Anyway, on to something better

I want to mention a blog that I know is a good read

KLite - described as "I am an Englishman living in Kuala Lumpur. I will write about my experience of life as a K-Lite(Term given to people who livehere). I have previously lived in Canada and UK where I am from.

The trials and tribulations of an Englishman living in Malaysia after the tourists have gone home. If you have ever been interested in what it is like to live abroad, and especially what it is like to live in Malaysia as an Englishman, well this blog will give you a low-down of how one such Englishman is finding it. Read what it is like for an Englishman to go over there, how he is adjusting to life, and the things that happen to him. And they say only Mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun

So please go and enjoy

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