Monday, February 21, 2005


Yep, it has finally happened, we actually have some snow in London, not much mind, but enough so that the ground is white, it is still falling right now, they reckon it could be anywhere up to 3 inches. I am waiting to see how the Tube reacts, it will either be fine, or totally grind to a halt and no one can go to work tomorrow.

Yes, we in London don't see snow that often, unless we go away, I actually think this is the first snowfall of 2005, I can't recall any other time this year, usually it is such an event when it does happen, because it is so rare.

Snow falling always brings back memories of childhood and playing in the snow when young, even then it didn't snow often, and for me my school was only around the corner, so there was never an excuse not to be able to go. I can even remember a time where I had to go to school and my older brother didn't for some unknown reason and by the time I got home, he had managed to take most of the snow in our garden and make a snowman, good snowman, but that shows you how little snow we got....

It does bring a pristine look to the outside world when you look out, and see this sheet of white covering everything, everything looks so new, so beautiful, and that is the time you go outside and land flat on your butt cursing the ice under the snow....

Enjoy it while it lasts London

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Klite said...

Post a photo of the snow then!
Ah.. you remember the snowman then, I didn't go to school because the bus wasn't running and its too far and cold to walk to school.
your older brother !