Thursday, February 10, 2005


Today I attempted to give blood, I have given blood before and have often wondered why it isn’t something that is forced on people, that they have to give blood unless there is a good reason, and I know many might say a fear of needles, well I understand that, I hate needles, have to turn away and hate having it put into me, even the little pin prick needles, this might be due to having a massive one put in my backside when having a tetanus shot when I was young due to having managed to get a tack in my hand, a story my family love recalling often enough. And I don’t have a flabby backside either to take it, so my god, I couldn’t walk properly for quite a few hours, but I still give blood.
Well not anymore, I am not allowed, it transpires that my having blackouts and dizzy spells excludes me from doing my fellow person a good turn and my A+ blood is now turned down, so until they know why I blackout and have the dizzy spells, not allowed to give anymore blood, and they actually think that it could have made things worse for me. Only now do I know about it, no-one ever said not to give blood, oh well a lesson learnt.
Giving blood is a good thing and until we can find an alternative, those who can, should, it might be one day us on the other side needing it. I did in the past with a former partner have the same blood type, so I guess if there had been an accident, it would have been a case of her saying, you can tap his arm, now!!!, take his blood. Kind of a really lovely gift in one sense, you have a part of me in you now, other than the usual way that might mean!!!

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