Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Today’s post is about the NHS, for those of us, who are of the left leaning persuasion, it is an institution that we care dearly about, and believe that it can be a good thing, and should be around, even if it is in a slightly different guise.

I for one, am against this idea that the two main parties are peddling at the moment, about offering choice on the NHS, whilst it sounds a wonderful idea, it is a diversion from the real task of actually fixing the NHS. Choice won’t do it, most and I mean most people just want a health system that does the job, and would prefer to have it close to hand, instead of having to drive miles and miles away. At the moment the NHS is a postcode lottery, I know this through first hand experience. If you want a decent audiology department, you will be hard pressed to find one. I live where I do in London, because they have a good one, and that isn’t open that often and getting to see them is still hard to do, but compare that to other places, where their audiology department is only open 2 half days a week, and so if like me you need a hearing aid to hear anything, and thus live, if you need a replacement, what are you going to do, wait a week to get a new hearing aid, laughable, let alone all the other daft ideas that come out of a lot of audiology departments, like giving you no spare aid, in case the one you have breaks down, mmm. I think most employers like their employees to hear them when they are talking to them. That is another thread for another day, I could give scripture on it very easily with over 30 years experience of dealing with them, and yes I am that age, not a pup. Just so you know, if you ever need a hearing aid and wondering about the length of a waiting list to get your first one, it is 2 years in a lot of places, yep, that means the poor old pensioners, who might need one, might actually be dead, by the time their name comes up, that is how much of an importance it is.

The NHS has a problem dealing with those who have what is termed as long term illnesses or disabilities. For example, it has been reported in the last day or two, that the large chunk of money that was meant to help with dealing with treatment for cancer has gone on pen pushers, see this

It clearly states the problems of post-coding, something that was meant to be abolished back in 1997, when these current bunch of useless idiots in charge, were given the keys to the country.

If the NHS was aimed at trying to prevent rather than just cure illnesses it would be cheaper and better for those living in the UK. To give a rather graphic example, I personally have suffered from blackouts in the last few years and in every case, have had the misfortune of the blackout causing injury, sometimes to the point of a broken wrist, which is still awaiting surgery, 2 years on, but in every case, I have the misfortune to suffer concussions, caused by a blow to the head, either the front or front, sides, and back, depending on where I fall. Well unlucky me suffered a blackout on Monday morning at about 6am, no idea how long I was out, but any time is long enough, well when I came to, I just tried to carry on as normal, as I have always been told to do, I have a few scratches and bruises and my forehead was a little worse for wear, but nothing new. I had always been told to go if I still felt the effects 24 hours later, and lo and behold I did, so off to A+E (Accident and Emergency) to see what can be done, nada it seems because I wasn’t vomiting, incoherent, yet I was in a daze like a boxer can be after a bout, pressure on the head, and so on and so on. Instead of thinking, mmm, this is the nth time this has happened let’s make sure there isn’t any residual damage, or any residual effects, no, just packed off with a rather stern attitude of you are wasting our time, well thanks a bunch.
This same attitude in the past led to me having a tumour in my ears when I had infections repeatedly because no one bothered to check that mmm, maybe there is more to this. And against my left leaning ideology, I had surgery privately, and I am so glad because if the NHS had been allowed to do it, this blog wouldn’t be written right now, because the tumour was so expansive, I was at death’s door. On that slightly dour note, I want to put out a public thanks to all those who helped me through that very difficult period, whilst it was over 5 years ago, and other things happened afterwards, family and very close friends, who would know who they are, were there for me, they were all instrumental in my still being here, and making through what was a very trying time, and a realisation I wasn’t immortal, as most young people tend to think, and I know I did. It changed my outlook on life, and has made me appreciate those who were there through my difficult times, even more than I guess I have ever been able to show, so here to the whole world is my thanks.

On to today, I am lucky enough through enough pushing and shoving and cajoling to have the attention of a reasonably good audiologist, who I saw today and he has made it his intention to make sure I get the hearing aids I need to hear properly and thus make sure I miss out on nothing, he can be a pain at times, but he fights my corner, so I live with it. Well I swear he is yanking my chain, but today he told me I am going to have gold plated ear moulds, I swear this is the biggest joke going, apparently £100 a pop, yep. I am sure he is having me on, I guess I will find out in 7/8 weeks when I go back to have them fitted, but all of this made me think either it will be like bling, bling, or I am going to be one step closer to looking like a Borg, I mean I already have metal implants in my right ear after the tumour, so I guess piece by piece I am going down that road, though I will say now I have no intention of assimilating anyone, too kind a person to do that, and secondly I really don’t want that grey look, John Major wore it well in Spitting Image in the 90s, but it doesn’t suit me, pale is my look and I will stick with it.

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