Tuesday, February 08, 2005

London Underground song

Well the super bowl is over, and I predicted it right…. What a shock, though I do believe the Patriots were so damn lucky, how the Eagles were so inept, I have no idea, but there we go. Three out of four Super Bowls for the Patriots, and they are called a dynasty, fair dues to them. Fingers crossed they don’t do it again next year, lol.

Well my ears are back, I can hear again, wow, some say silence is golden, not for me it wasn’t. But fingers crossed I have beaten the ear infection and I guess I will find out tomorrow for sure, though I am not optimistic at the moment.

On to other matters, there is a song doing the rounds at the moment, called London Underground, a little number written by a couple of people called "Adam Kay and Suman Biswas”

Even lyrics if you so wish

For those who have travelled, well travelled is maybe the wrong word, but suffered the London Underground, this will hit the spot just so. I think they pretty much sum up the problems of the Tube as we call it, and what could be better, still you have to listen to it, and when you do, figure out which song it was based on, happy to hear how many of you get it, should be fairly easy for those from the UK especially.

I have had my bathroom redone due to a leaking roof, thankfully the insurance covered the decorating, but not the roof, for a while I had a ceiling that was like a barn roof, open rafters, as the joists were falling to pieces. So happy to have it done, but those who have done DIY will know this smell, the paint, oh my god, I feel like I am on a high, but not a nice one, the smell is awful, it feels like it stripping the front of my eyes off, it is that nasty, the fumes are awful. I was also told not to go in there for 4/5 hours to let it dry, that is fine, I go in there 8 hours later, bursting to go, and it is still tacky and get some paint on my foot, not what I expected, a pristine white floor now has a slight foot mark, me and my size 9s leaving a little imprint, bummer. I will say the decorator has done a bang up job, so fantastic. I will be using him again when I have my dining room decorated, which I need to do, cause it looks like a building site, after having the damp course done last year. Just got to pick a colour and then it will be done, one more room on the way to a proper looking house…

Looking forward to answers to the question who the London Underground song was a cover of.

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Klite said...

not bad blog mate
you are getting into it with the footprint in the paint should have used a bottle!!!
have noticed - have you got it set so that only blogger registed under blogger can post ?
because it asked me to sign in !