Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Follow up to yesterday

This starts with a follow up to yesterday’s post. Today is has been made clear that those on Incapacity Benefit (IB) will have their benefit cut, so they will be expected to survive on even less than they already do. Oh joy, my, this government really is going after the soft targets, those who are unable to fight back with any gusto, because they are under represented, and too poor to be able to fight back. This I thought by the name was a Labour government which should be the word Labour mean that the working person and the poor is put first, well thanks Mr.Blair another stitch up job you are doing on those who have no voice, no protection. Can I make something clear to the twat who we sadly have in charge of the government, have you ever tried to live life as a disabled person in this country. Shall I inform you of just how hard it is, firstly your pathetic rules on the NHS mean that those with disabilities, especially those with lifelong ones, are treated poorly, and not looked after, so for example myself, do you know how hard it is to get a hearing aid, in some places it is a 2 year wait, well by then I could be killed cause I didn’t hear the thing that attacked me, on top of that, how can someone work when they can’t hear, mmm, explain that one, idiot. And because you won’t help those with disabilities, it means we are out of the loop, do you know how hard it is to get insurance on many things without being charged an excessive premium for being disabled despite the fact I take better care of myself than a lot of able bodied people.
If I have the misfortune to suffer one of your grunts in the upcoming election, I will happily tell them where to shove their vote, because years ago when you asked for my opinion, you told me to sling my hook, why, because you couldn’t face the reality you were shown by a disabled person living in your so called paradise.

On to other matters, somewhat nicer matters. I have been out and about today doing bits and pieces and at the moment I have an ear infection which means I am not able to hear anything, so shopping isn’t the easiest task when you have to explain you want something and know that you can’t hear them back, lip-reading is so difficult, even though I learnt it as a child, still can’t get it right. If you don’t believe me, say to a friend who isn’t in hearing distance Van Gogh and see what they think you are saying, trust me, it will surprise you. Anyway, I was out and I had to hit the post office, and the person serving was very understanding, and there I was thinking yesterday, hell where is compassion, and I got some today. What did surprise me was to be given a cross and beads, and I was thinking why. How is God going to help me on this, if you take some people’s ideal of God, he is to blame for me having literally no hearing. The idea that asking God to help is a moot point, seeing he supposedly made me this way, mmmm… I have actually in the past been told, ask God to take away your deafness, how, and surely he gave me it in the first place. I really hate those who say that I did something in a previous life and this is my punishment, right, how about I dish out some punishment on your ass right now, for even suggesting such a thing. I am an open minded person, but that is offensive, you know what is trying, is being told that I am to blame for something that happened when I being formed, oh well thank you so much. I don’t believe in God, and never will, and if he exists and I get up there and told that I should have believed well then, if I live in the world with people like Tony Blair and George Bush, how come evil people like them can have a good life and the likes of me, get trampled by idiots like that, no, there is no God, but if you believe it then do. Just so glad we don’t have fundamentalist Christians in this country, and why, because we kicked them out 400 years ago, and they went to America, and that is what happens when you have fundamentalist Christians.
But going back to the point, a person at the bank when I went in, was very helpful, writing things down for me, and even wished me good health and a speedy recovery. Now that is how it should be, niceness, people being kind to each other, not this selfishness, it takes two seconds to be nice, please and thank you and a smile isn’t hard is it?

My second last point for the day, how is it that the London Underground can stuff up, that wasn’t a question, just a floating thought. But I want to go to the Chinese New Year parade on the 13th Feb, but thanks to engineering works on the line I use, the Metropolitan line, getting up town is going to be by bus if I am lucky, oh whoopee, where is the service we are paying for. Why Mr.Mayor aren’t you kicking the companies to get the repairs and replacement work done yesterday, how about this for an idea, have them work 48 hours solid, from the close on Friday until the Monday morning, easy to do. You have three teams, working an 8 hour shift, and thus the work is continuous, surely that makes sense and then it is done, but that means using a brain, and not squeezing the customer, and making their life a pain in the ass. Something tells me it is possible and feasible, cause otherwise this is going to go on for years, and London should have a decent underground yesterday, so wake up please.

The last point of the day is this. Today I have been shown compassion, understanding and thoughtfulness, why is that so difficult for the idiots who run this country that the vast majority of people in this country want to get along, not create divisions and you making evils out of people who can’t defend themselves, when maybe you should tackle you bosom buddies who you hand vast amount of our money to, for nothing i.e. PFI anyone. Get your priorities right, we elected you, not them, so listen to the people who elected you and stop your pathetic crass attacks on those who are in no position to be able to defend themselves and done nothing wrong other than be born with a disability, or had the misfortune to have a disability later in life, and yes depression is a disability, something you never wish on anyone.

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